Island Press

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  • Lisa Anne Auerbach, Snowflake, 2018, Relief print from 1080 individually inked plates, 45 1/2 x 39 inches., Lisa Anne Auerbach created two projects with Island Press, "Snowflake" and a banner relief-printed on fabric, strung with cord, titled "Ten Truths Self Evident." Lisa Anne Auerbach is an American textile artist, zine writer, photographer, best known for her knitting works with humorous political commentary.
  • Diana Guerrero-Maciá, The Beautiful Girls No. 1, 2018, Collagraph, monotype, relief, archival inkjet, printed linen, and collage on Rives BFK Off White, 17 x 14 inches, Diana Guerrero Maciá’s suite of four prints titled "The Beautiful Girls" reflects on critical concerns about race and bodies using hybrid references of otherness. The prints also nod to the important influence of collage artist Hannah Hoch. Each print is 17 x 14 inches. Diana is a Chicago-based artist known for her sewn textile “paintings.”
  • Benjamin Edmiston, Untitled (12 Grid), 2019, Etching (sugarlift, aquatint, and softground) with chine collé , 32 ¾ x 26 ½ inches, In the twelve-plate etching, "Untitled (12 Grid)," Edmiston assembles twelve small drawings into one playful, patchwork image by printing several etched plates onto one piece of paper in a loose grid. The print is a product of Edmiston’s week-long residency during June of 2018 as the second- biennial Emerging Artist Fellow at Island Press.
  • David Humphrey, Street Dog, 2019, Monotype on archival pigment print, 30 x 22 inches., David Humphrey’s charismatic monotypes on manipulated photographic images taken on his cell phone follow the trajectory of his current paintings on printed vinyl. David is a New York-based painter, art critic, and sculptor associated with the postmodern turn in painting that began in the late 1970s.
  • Lisa Anne Auerbach
  • Benjamin Edmiston
  • Diana Guerrero-Maciá
  • David Humphrey