VIP Program

EXPO CHICAGO invites a select group of established and emerging collectors, advisors, curators and academics from around the world to experience the best of the international art world in Chicago.

EXPO CHICAGO, 2023. Photo by Justin Barbin.

EXPO CHICAGO's VIPs receive insider access to the fair as well as a tailored itinerary exploring Chicago's contemporary and modern art scene including special visits to the city's top private collections, artist studios, curator-led tours of the nation's top institutions as well as invitation only receptions with fellow art patrons.

Participation in the EXPO CHICAGO VIP program is by invitation only. Should you wish to be considered for this program, please email detailing the following: pertinent affiliations with galleries, museums or dealers, artists represented in your collection and contact information. All requests must be submitted in writing, no phone calls, please. 

The full VIP program for the eleventh edition will open in early March 2024. Please check back for program updates.