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Publishing in print twice a year, THE SEEN features in-depth essays, artist profiles, interviews, reviews, and limited run editions by top international artists. 

THE SEEN, Chicago's International Journal of Contemporary & Modern Art, Issues 04 - 09.

Published by | EXPO CHICAGO

Editor-in-Chief | Stephanie Cristello

Managing Editor | Gabrielle Welsh

Editorial Intern | Claire Bentley

Issue 09

THE SEEN launches the Fall / Winter preview titles launching Issue 09 in print at EXPO CHICAGO (September 19–22, 2019). THE SEEN is available as a 10,000-count-run throughout the City of Chicago, as well as globally through a partnership with Motto Distribution. Partnering with Motto, based in Berlin, in the Spring of 2019, THE SEEN expanded the global reach of the publication as the only Chicago-based exclusive contemporary art criticism journal now to be distributed in museums across Europe and the United States. 

The cover of Issue 09 features a detail of an installation by Danish artist Stine Deja in collaboration with Marie Munk, entitled Synthetic Seduction (2019). The work explores how technology strives to bridge the gulf of the uncanny valley (the notion that humanoid objects that appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings) to make personal devices as life-like as possible.

With Staff Writers reporting from around the world, each issue of THE SEEN features in-depth writing on contemporary art, as well as highlight essays, artist profiles, reviews, and limited-edition inserts from top international artists.

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