Special Projects 2017

EXPO Projects is presented alongside IN/SITU in and around Navy Pier, featuring a curated selection of projects organized by EXPO CHICAGO. The site-specific installation program highlights large-scale and performative works by emerging and established artists.

2017 Participating Artists

Roger Brown
Oral Roberts' Vision of a Two Mile High Jesus (1984)

The War We Won  (1991)

Courtesy Kavi Gupta, Chicago

Tony Cragg 
It is, it isn't (2010) 

Courtesy Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Salzburg

Sandro Miller 
My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom (2017)

Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

Ulf Puder 
Reservoir (2017)

Courtesy MARC STRAUS, New York

Karen Reimer 
Sleeping Under the Sky/Sleeping Under the Lake (2017) 

Courtesy moniquemeloche, Chicago

Lincoln Schatz 
July 5th, 2016(2) 
Lake Series

September 2015 - July 2017 
Lake Series

Presented by IKRAM

Tony Tasset
Snowman with Coke Can Mouth and Broom (2017)

Courtesy Kavi Gupta, Chicago

Monika Wulfers 
Seven Pentagons (2017)

Courtesy of the Artist