IN/SITU Outside 2022

Engaging the city’s long legacy of pioneering public art, EXPO CHICAGO presents major initiatives presented in collaboration with the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), the Chicago Park District, and Navy Pier to highlight work by internationally recognized artists. IN/SITU Outside provides the opportunity to present temporary public art installations situated along the lakefront and throughout Chicago neighborhoods.




The Chicago Park District Department of Cultural and Natural Resources, in partnership with Rhona Hoffman Gallery, will exhibit several of Nancy Rubins's sculptures from her Diversifolia series on long-term loan starting summer 2022.  This body of work was first shown in London in 2018, and it is the first time the series will be seen stateside for a longer installation period and displayed outdoors to be enjoyed by the public.

Rubins transforms industrial objects—such as cast animals, playground toys, airplane parts, and boats—into the building blocks for her sculptures.  Following the lifecycle of her chosen materials, Rubins hones the formal qualities of these discrete components.  Held together by stainless steel wiring, the tension among these components investigate a static moment in Rubins’s works that serves as both a testament to their monumentality, as well as the possibility of ever-changing plasticity.

Rubins’s Diversifolia series features seemingly natural arrangements of animal forms, abstracted from their original caricature-like approximations.  In an energetic and epic spiral kept together by the tensegrity of wires, Agrifolia Majoris (2017) blooms from its base, in a melange of aluminum, brass, and bronze.  The cast iron and bronze parts of Dense Bud (2016) feature a more subdued patina, evidencing the passage and weight of time.

Nancy Rubins, Dense Bud, 2017. 

Nancy Rubins | Dense Bud (2016)

Courtesy of the Artist

Located at 5300 N DuSable Lake Shore Dr, near W Bryn Mawr Ave

Nancy Rubins, Agrifolia Majoris, 2017. 

Nancy Rubins | Agrifolia Majoris (2017)

Courtesy of the Artist

Located at 5400 S DuSable Lake Shore Dr, North of Promontory Point

Continuing Installations

Ewerdt Hilgemann | Habakuk (Homage to Max Ernst), 2014. Courtesy of Borzo Gallery and The Mayor Gallery

Located on Chicago’s Museum Campus

Mark di Suvero | Magma, 2008-2011, Courtesy of Paula Cooper Gallery

Located at Queen's Landing and East of DuSable Lake Shore Dr / 53rd Street

Bernar Venet | Disorder: 9 Uneven Angles, 2015, Paul Kasmin Gallery

Located at Congress Parkway and Columbus Drive

Chicago Park District Public Art Installations 

Herbert Alpert |  Spirit Totems, 2010–2012, Courtesy of the Artist 
Located at the Field Museum South Steps Plaza

John Henry | Chevron, 2007, Novak Construction
Located at Diversey Harbor Inlet

Indira Johnson  | 10,000 Ripples, 2016, Courtesy of  the Artist and Changing Worlds
Located just East of Iowa Building, North of Museum of Science and Industry

Claes Oldenburg & Coosie Van Bruggen | Architect's Handkerchief, 1999, Courtesy of Paula Cooper Gallery
Located at 860-880 Lake Shore Drive

Yoko Ono | Sky Landing, 2016, Courtesy of the Artist
Located in Jackson Park