Saturday, September 29

IN/SITU — In Conversation

Iván Navarro (Artist, Paul Kasmin Gallery | New York, TEMPLON | Paris, Brussels) and Marcela Guerrero (Assistant Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art)

Known for his large-scale installations in both public and indoor spaces, using neon as a primary medium paired with mirrored reflections, artist Iván Navarro discussed various projects on view in Chicago within the context of his relationship to critiquing power and institutional structures. . Presented in partnership with Artnet.

Dimensions of Citizenship — US Pavilion 

Keller Easterling (Architect and Writer, Professor | Yale University), Laura Kurgan (Associate Professor of Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Columbia University), Robert Gerard Pietrusko (Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design). Moderated by Mimi Zeiger (Co-Curator, US Pavilion).

How do we visualize belonging? Tracing the responsibility of the architect and the artist to depict not only flows of data, but also manifestations of glitches or abstractions, this discussion examined the role of representation as an agent to reveal truth. Moderated by Mimi Zeiger, Co-Curator of the US Pavilion, this panel was hosted within the context of the exhibition at the Venice Biennale for Architecture, entitled Dimensions of Citizenship. Presented in partnership with CULTURED Magazine, and co-commissioners of the US Pavilion the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago. Followed by a book signing.


Curatorial Forum | On Immersion and Senses

Panelists | Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute, Berlin), Andria Hickey (Senior Director and Curator | Pace Gallery), Sean Raspet (Artist | Jessica Silverman Gallery), Jo-ey Tang (Director of Exhibitions, Beeler Gallery | Columbus College of Art and Design). Moderated by Stephanie Cristello (Director of Programming | EXPO CHICAGO and Editor-in-Chief | THE SEEN).

The format of the contemporary exhibition is one that often relies on sight, and the visual impact of artists’ works within the static space of the gallery, museum, or institution. This panel traced how the non-concrete senses—scents, tastes, and aural forms—are exhibited in space. Featuring artists and curators whose work has engaged with these senses and their impact on the body, this discussion navigated different approaches to displaying pieces whose primary sensual interaction deviates from purely sight. From perfume installations, to sonic experiences, and edible artworks, the conversation will trace the impact of senses and immersive practice on recent exhibition histories. Presented in partnership with Independent Curators International (ICI).

Art Critics Forum — Criticism and the Image

Panelists | Ann Binlot (Freelance | Forbes, Galerie, The New York Times), Robin Peckham (Editor-in-Chief, LEAP), William S. Smith (Editor, Art in America), Diego Del Valle Ríos (Editor, Terremotto).
Moderated by Ruslana Lichtzier (THE SEEN).

How has the role of the image shifted the output of criticism? Through the format of the visual essay, each of the panelists will take part in a short silent presentation before opening into a roundtable discussion. From the perspective of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, through to current disseminations of the image and its role as a vehicle for narrative in both online platforms and print publications, this program considered how the image has either replaced or transformed the purpose of the written word. Presented in partnership with Art and America and Virgin Hotels Chicago.