/Dialogues 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

William J. O’Brien

William J. O’Brien and Christopher E. Vroom In Conversation

William J. O’Brien is known for his playful attention to materials, arranging a context that betrays their expected usage. His sculptures, ceramics, textiles, and paintings strike a visual balance between improvisation and control, drawing on a range of cultural references to the antebellum American South. O’Brien was awarded an Artadia grant in 2006, and will be discussing how the funding influenced and expanded his practice.

Michelle Grabner on “I Work From Home”

Michelle Grabner, David Norr, Gaylen Gerber, Reto Thuring In Conversation

Michelle Grabner, Chair of The School of the Art Institute’s (SAIC) Painting and Drawing Department and co-curator of the 2014 Whitney Biennale, will be discussing her upcoming exhibition Work From Home, which will be on view at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in November, 2013. Marking her first comprehensive solo museum exhibition, Work From Home will feature a range of Grabner’s paintings, prints, video works, and sculptures, which investigate concepts of work, labor, and the aesthetics and social-dynamics of the domestic sphere. Continuing an emphasis on Grabner’s varied practice, including artistic collaborations, critical writing, teaching, and curating, the exhibition will contribute to her artistic output, in and beyond the studio. Pairing with artist Gaylen Gerber for the exhibition to produce “backdrops” for the exhibition walls, the installation will subtly highlight the infrastructure of display, while also suggesting a symbiotic relationship of artwork/object and platform/ground.

IMG TXT // Art and Writing for the Digital Screen

Paddy Johnson, Josh Baer, Forrest Nash, Richard Holland, and Duncan MacKenzie In Conversation

Assembling some of the most prominent and influential voices on art and art writing for the web, this panel will address new modalities of looking at, thinking about, and critically engaging with contemporary artistic discourse.

Painter, Painter

Eric Crosby, Rosy Keyser, and Scott Olson In Conversation

In a time where many artists work without an obligation to specific materials, why choose the medium of painting? Artists Rosy Keyser and Scott Olson, featured in the exhibition Painter Painter currently on view at the Walker Art Center, speak with curator Eric Crosby on what it means for an artist to assume the role of painter today, and just what is at stake for a new generation committed to painting. Positing abstract painting as a means, not an end, the exhibition expands on the generative process of painting, one that is rooted in the studio as much as it is receptive to the world.

ADDAA Presents: Regional Capitals // Challenges and Successes

Larry & Marilyn Fields, Jill Snyder, Elizabeth Leach, and Mary Sabbatino In Conversation

What are the challenges and opportunities that gallerists, institutional leaders, artists, and collectors from regional art capitals experience? How do they support their local art communities while keeping up with the international art scene? The Art Dealers Association of America’s 2013-2014 Collectors’ Forum series, sponsored by AXA ART Americas Corporation, launches at EXPO/2013 with an investigation of the ever-expanding arts community.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jesper Just

Jesper Just and Dean Otto In Conversation

Jesper Just’s films are acclaimed for their moody and atmospheric narratives, using Hollywood conventions to address themes of sexuality, love, and cinema. In conversation with Dean Otto, this discussion will focus on Just's use of film noir themes, gender roles and narrative to create his unique visual experiences. The discussion will also explore Just's most recent project at the Danish Pavilion of the Venice Biennale.

Bad at Sports // One-on-One

Soveig Øvstebø, William Powhida, and Charlie James In Conversation

Bad at Sports is a forum on multiple platforms, known for their weekly podcasts and daily blog. Featuring artists, curators, and gallerists, among others, Bad at Sports will broadcast from their booth next to the /Dialogues stage on the main floor of the exposition. For this panel, hosts Duncan MacKenzie and Richard Holland will field interviews and commentary from Solveig Øvstebø, Executive Director of the Renaissance Society, artist William Powhida represented by Charlie James Gallery, and Director Charlie James.

Northern Trust Presents: Demystifying the Art of Collecting Through Warhol

Lisa Cavanaugh, Patrick Moore, Christopher Perry, and Jill Arnold In Conversation  

Bad at Sports // One-on-One

Sanford Biggers, Elysia Borowy-Reeder, and Jose Lerma In Conversation 

Known for their weekly podcasts and daily blog, Bad at Sports features artists, curators, and gallerists to generate dialogue about the Chicago art community, and the art world at large. For this panel, hosts Duncan MacKenzie and Richard Holland will field interviews and commentary from artist Sanford Biggers, Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Director of the MOCAD in Detroit, and artist José Lerma, most recently featured in a solo exhibition for Chicago Works at the MCA Chicago.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

LaToya Ruby Frazier

LaToya Ruby Fraizer and Karen Irvine In Conversation

The Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) at Columbia College Chicago returns to EXPO to present a video installation by LaToya Ruby Frazier. This panel will serve as an extension of the Special Exhibition on view at the MoCP booth at EXPO, and the museum’s concurrent exhibition, “Backstory: LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ron Jude and Guillaume Simoneau,” curated by Karen Irvine. For the last decade, Frazier has extensively documented the economic and social struggles of her family and community in her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania. Blurring the boundaries between the personal and the collective, Frazier uses her own family’s history to reveal both complex intergenerational struggles and social inequality. 

Radical Assemblage // Isa Genzken

Susan Ghez and Michael Darling In Conversation 

In 1992, The Renaissance Society featured the first US solo exhibition of German artist Isa Genzken's sculptural assemblages. Now, almost twenty years later, Genzken will be in conversation with Susanne Ghez, who had profound foresight in this artist's career, about her life and work since the exhibition. Looking forward to her solo exhibition that will open at the MCA Chicago later this year, the panel will also feature Michael Darling, assembling not only the thematic material of Genzken's practice, but the past and future of her work, as well.

The Ephemeral Public

Doreen Remen, Adam Brooks, and Michael Ned Holte In Conversation

University of Chicago Presents: Zachary Cahill

Artist Talk

How does painting, as both a noun and a verb, affect our well-being? Artist Zachary Cahill will discuss wellness in relation to his project USSA 2012: Wellness Center: Idyllic—affair of the heart, on view at the Smart Museum of Art, August 23, 2013–August 23, 2014.