Curatorial Forum

2016 Curatorial Forum Symposium at the Graham Foundation

Developed by EXPO CHICAGO and Independent Curators International (ICI), the Curatorial Forum offers a group of mid-career and established curators, working independently or with an institutional affiliation, the opportunity to engage with their peers and explore significant issues relating to curating, programming, institution-building and audience engagement. Featuring a series of sessions focused on critical questions relevant to contemporary practice and context, the Curatorial Forum is led by internationally recognized leaders in the field. Participation in the Curatorial Forum is by invitation only.


Curatorial Forum Presents—On Immersion and Senses

Saturday, September 29 | 4:00–5:00pm

Andria Hickey (Senior Curator | Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland); Sean Raspet (Artist | Jessica Silverman Gallery); and Jo-ey Tang (Director of Exhibitions | Beeler Gallery at Columbus College of Art and Design).

Join EXPO CHICAGO and Independent Curators International (ICI) for this public panel as part of the Curatorial Forum. Panelists will trace how the non-concrete senses—scents, tastes and aural forms—are exhibited in space and will navigate different approaches to displaying pieces whose primary sensual interaction deviates from purely sight. From perfume installations, to sonic experiences and edible artworks, the conversation will trace the impact of senses and immersive practice on recent exhibition histories.


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