Eduardo Secci

Plazza Carlo Goldoni 2, Florence 50125, Italy | +39055661356
  • Doc expo 00001751 00001
    Andrea Galvani The End [Action #1] Still #8 and Still #13, 2016, Chromogenic analog color print on aluminum dibond, 66.1 x 81.9 x 2.8 inches installation view at Museum MART, Trento, Italy, Oct. 2016-Jan. 2017
  • Dsc04033
    Daniel Canogar Gust ( the wind piece) 2017 LED screen, electronic components, metal structure, computer 69.7x29.5x23.6 in
  • Membrane 1 1
    Levi Van Veluw Membrane 2017 Walnut wood, coal, black ink 35,82x18,11x1,7
  • 'a lot of creative work may need to be finished by today  gemini...'2016  acrylic and oil on canvas  h213.5cm x w173cm
    Alice Browne A lot of creative work may need to be finished by today, Gemini. If you're professionally involved with writing, a deadline may loom. It could be difficult to get it done because family members and guests could constantly go in and out and keep you from concentrating. The best course of action might be to go somewhere quiet, like a library, and do your work there. Think about it! 2016 Acrylic and oil on canvas 84,05x68,11
  • Ashesashes 17976
    Timothy Hull Alexandria in 610AD 2016 Oil on canvas 47.6x47.6 in
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